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Cover Image: 6 questions to ask when downsizing
Published By Right at Home on August 24, 2021

You’ve just retired and you’re moving to your dream retirement condo by the lake. Or maybe your health condition has changed, and you’ve decided a senior care community is right for you. Or perhaps your home is just too big, and you want a smaller place. Whatever the reason for your move, you’ll face decisions about what to do with your possessions. Here is an infographic to help with the process.

Infographic 6 questions to ask when downsizing

Items can go into five piles:

  • Keep
  • Give away to family and friends
  • Donate
  • Sell
  • Discard

People seldom miss possessions they’ve let go. Starting anew in a decluttered environment can bring a sense of calm and control to your new life.

6 Questions to Ask When Downsizing

1: When did I last use it?

Clothes, books, cookware, knickknacks and out-of-date technical gadgets … if an item has gone untouched or sat in a closet for years, you likely don’t need it.

2: Will it fit in my new place?

Measure your furniture, other larger items, and the spaces in your new home. Create a floor plan. Consider that you’ll likely want new furniture for your new start.

3: Will I need it after the move?

If you’re moving to Florida, you won’t need your snowblower. Consider the usefulness of your home gym equipment, formal china, or towels that match your current bathroom.

4: When should I think about disposing of it?

Get started well before your move. Sort through papers, boxes and piles of things. Ask family which items they want. This will help you avoid costly storage fees.

5: Who would treasure it?

Decide early who will receive family heirlooms. Label items so family will know their significance. If no one wants a certain heirloom, check with more distant relatives.

6: Who can help me decide?

Call in experts, such as a senior move manager, an aging life care professional (geriatric care manager), and an antiques appraiser.

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