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Our Global Industry

2013 pie chart
562 Million
8% of Population
2025 pie chart
852 Million
11% of Population
2050 pie chart
1.6 Billion
17% of Population

According to the United Nations, 8% of the world’s population is 65 or older. That percentage is expected to increase to 10.7% by 2025, and to 16.7% by 2050. Compounding this substantial growth in the ageing population is a global shift towards dual income households, changes to the traditional family structure resulting in smaller and more mobile families, an ageing caregiver pool, and an ever increasing life expectancy rate. Understandably, this social shift is forcing governments to seek out alternative methods of care that might both meet the preferences of consumers and also reduce government expenditures. Home care services, such as those offered by Right at Home, are being relied upon to take some of the strain off the public system. Our services allow clients to determine what types of services they want, when they want to receive services, and where they would like those services provided.

Master Franchise Opportunities

It is important to note that Right at Home is, first and foremost, a home care company at our core. We commit to differentiating ourselves, by creating an unmatched client and caregiver experience, by offering our premium RightCare services, and by providing all of our Master Franchisees with a time-tested model for success. This commitment drives Right at Home International’s belief in the importance of collaborating with strong business partners that both embrace our commitment to improving the quality of life of those we serve, and also demonstrate a passion for satisfying the need of professionally-managed home care services in their countries and communities.

Right at Home International has been fortunate to partner with like-minded Master Franchisees around the world who believe in our mission to “Improve the Quality of Life for Those We Serve”. Their passion for delivering quality care to those in need has made them well-respected home care experts in their countries, and in the process has created a successful business employing thousands of caregivers around the world.

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